Empire Europa


On 22 November 1967, His Royal Highness Prince Ronald succeeded Prince Roman 1 as Grand Duke of Lithuania which comprised the territories - now Kingdoms - of Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine. In 1991, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania was usurped.

Since then, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania has been temporarily and vicariously tended by the United Nations member states of Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, on behalf of the De Jure Sovereign under International Law.

In 2004, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania was restored to Kingdom of Lithuania with His Imperial Majesty King Roman 1 as the 4th legitimate King of Lithuania after Mindaugas, Gediminas and Vytautas.

Recently, since the advent of Coronavirus, the Grand Duchy and its territories were formed into six Kingdoms, with Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth 1 as Queen of Lithuania.

Kingdoms Moldova and Latvia were added from territories accruing to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

Kingdom of Lithua was absorbed by Europa as a penalty for the illegal Russian incursion into the Ukraine and Belarus.

Kingdom of Lithuania

Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth 1 rules the Kingdom of Lithuania, one of six recent Kingdoms comprising the Empire of Europa.

Kingdom of Belarus

Kingdom of Ukraine

Kingdom of Lithua

Kingdom of Moldova

Kingdom of Latvia

Royal Tomb Grand Duke Roman 1

Royal Tomb Grand Duke Wladislaw